Client Success Program Manager

Location: Blacksburg, VA
Date Posted: 09-04-2018
As a Program Manager, your primary responsibility is to own the Ozmo Client Device Libraries and ensure the daily execution of client business. This includes being responsible for removing customer-related impediments to the production process when escalated to you by internal stakeholders and Ozmo Operations.
For Essential and Premium clients you will serve as the voice of the client and represent the interests of your assigned clients to internal stakeholders and liaise with your clients on behalf of Ozmo. You will be focused on leading customer support activities and serve in an assisting capacity to the Director of Accounts for new customer implementation activities.

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Ownership of Client Libraries - Content Management System (CMS)
  • Administrates all customer device libraries in the Ozmo Content Management System.
  • Advises the Content Development Manager on the prioritization of work from the perspective of the customer to aid the Content Development Manager in their internal prioritization and scheduling of work with the Content Development Team.
  • Monitors content production dashboard in JIRA specifically for customer device delivery dates, if necessary, escalates concerns to the Account Manager when the the Operations Team’s internal prioritization of work creates risks to the commitments or expectations the Organization has previously made with clients.
  • Manages customer forecasting expectations, the customer forecasting process, and Ozmo product availability dates. Drives consistent customer forecasting behavior from assigned accounts, escalating issues with Enterprise account forecasting to the Account Manager.
  • Ensures all device forecasting is accounted for in Production Schedule.
  • Creates and submits standard device and application project requests for assigned clients in the event an assigned customer is supplying the device or other resource/asset is required for a project.
  • Ensures assigned clients have visibility into upcoming work/device launches and releases, as well as any risks or impediments in order to create predictability for clients.
  • Manages agenda and preparation for all Device Supplier production related client status calls.
  • Verifies that Ozmo device content is launched by the client and visible in reporting, and follows up with the client when necessary.
  • Advises the Account Manager if there are issues with the Device Supplier customer forecasting process and communicates Ozmo device availability dates with assigned clients to drive consistent customer forecasting behavior from assigned accounts.
  • If applicable, secures physical devices and sim cards for upcoming product development in a timely fashion (e.g. ad hoc device development and non-standard work).
  • Escalation point to the customer for impediments to the production process when a risk is identified impacting the delivery schedule because the Insights team or Content Development team does not have the assets needed to move the project forward and has been unsuccessful in securing those assets with the client.
  • Responsible for being the voice of the customer for content production related questions.
  • Submits content defect requests into the CDE board, and facilitates the CDE process as it relates to providing visibility of the process to all clients.
  • As needed for any Essential or Premium client agreements, when our contractual obligations include commitments beyond the delivery of the Ozmo standard library,  ensures Ozmo delivery of contractual obligations for assigned clients. Continuously update Account Manager and the client on progress of any open work.
Customer Service
  • For Essential and Premium clients, fosters account program retention and incremental revenue growth through a focus of product adoption, product utilization, and customer satisfaction/sentiment.
  • Submits product feature requests into the PDE board, and facilitates the PDE process as it relates to providing visibility of the process to their assigned Essential and Premium clients.
  • Administers Essential and Premium Client collaborative work spaces within Basecamp for individual client project management to-do lists, shared documents, release notes, integrations documentation, and reporting, etc.
  • Manages the User Authentication process for Essential and Premium clients, ensuring that clients have appropriate access to their allotted number of seats either through administration of individual user credentials or through SAML2 SSO authentication.
  • Ensures the Ozmo standard report suite is setup for every assigned Essential and Premium customer.
  • Provides platform adoption and solution recommendations to Essential and Premium customers.
  • As necessary, facilitates discussions with Essential and Premium customers who are interested in new product features or enhancements which present revenue opportunities.
  • Participates in trade shows and onsite Premium customer visits.
Assisting the Director of Accounts
  • The eyes and ears of the Director of Accounts on a daily basis taking note of any shift in client sentiment for Essential and Premium customers.
  • Assists the Director of Accounts in managing new Essential and Premium client program launch dates, new product enhancement launch dates for assigned clients, new and/or not yet utilized feature roll-outs for assigned clients, acting as the buffer between client expectations and Ozmo operations, for all assigned Essential and Premium client-related work. This includes providing web based product and feature demos to assigned Essential and Premium clients when applicable.
  • As needed, assists the Director of Accounts in analyzing reporting of Essential and Premium clients to understand customer trends and usage of product.
  • As needed, assists the Director of Accounts in preparation and delivery of business reviews for Premium clients.
  • As needed, assists Director of Accounts in preparing monthly scorecards, monthly reporting, and briefing  any applicable Essential or Premium clients on performance as is pertains to onboarding, or ongoing adoption, utilization, and sentiment.
  • Assists the Director of Accounts in the onboarding of new, Essential and Premium level customers.


  • 2 to 5 years of experience in project management or account management
  • Strong understanding and experience with wireless telecom market
  • Experience in fast-paced environments with many moving parts
  • Strong problem solving skills and detail oriented
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • A positive attitude and an inspiring work ethic
  • Familiarity with smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Technology or similar degree.
  • PMP Certification or Six Sigma Certification preferred.
Must be legally eligible work at our office in Blacksburg, VA
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